The online search is now a treasure hunt

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The original social network was always the neighbours!
Welcome to the Neighbiz family.

Searching for something online? There are thousands of choices - but we dont have thousands of minutes. Looking for something? Ask the neighbours.
At Neighbiz - we think the handshake is a great beginning.

Meet the


Neighbiz home of the Poppalloons
Bizzers, peeps with businesses and services. Offering Poppalloons - offering handshakes! Start searching and win!


Meet the


The Burbies live in the community - to win you have to be in online and searching for local goods and services. Look for the Poppalloon and WIN!

The Invisible
Made Visible

Looking for talented artisans - look no further. Know someone great - tell the neighbours

What's that popping sound?




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How we are making the "invisible" visible

If the internet is not accessible, micro-businesses will battle - we decided to do something

With road-shows all around South Africa, we can get everyone working! Load the Informal Sector onto the Neighbiz platform for free - let's get South Africa working! Smartphones are not always affordable - want them? - Tap the SMS button!

We saw the signs

There were millions of them - there had to be a better way

Now you can find him on the web. For free

Know someone good - tell the 'hood!

Artists are everywhere

Now the world can be thier platform with Neighbux eWallet - you don't need an eCommerce website to sell your goods or services online

No eCommerce website? No problem.

Get the Neighbux eWallet - it's free - sell online instantly

Want to Know about our


207 "APP-ortunities" to get on board.
Yeah. We know - weak!
Our funding partners for your franchise

The Neighbiz Cyber franchises are confined by a "boundary of lattitude and longitudinal points "

Franchisees in buoyant areas – areas with many businesses – might well realize a return on their original investment within the first year. Need offices? No. Staff? Not even! What you do need is an excellent knowledge of what’s going on in your community.

Every tap of a Poppalloon earns the franchisee a royalty"

Any campaign that starts in your NODE / Sales area earns the franchisee a royalty. It does not matter where they pop in the whole of South Africa - it matters where the campaign started