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"Hello the handshake"

Building a community of handshakes

The original social network was the neighbours. Get the neighbours on your side and everything will flourish. Welcome to the home of the
Looking for local has always been too hard. Until now. Prepare to be amazed

We're bringing the 'hood together


Bizzers, peeps with businesses and services. They're looking to meet people like you, people looking for local goods and services

What's that "popping" sound


The Burbies live in the community and they are winning INSTANTLY! All you have to be in online and searching for local goods and services. All they have to do is pop a

How we are making the "invisible" informal sector visible

if the internet is not accessible, micro-businesses will battle - we decided to do something
With road-shows all around South Africa, we can get everyone working! Load the Informal Secotr onto the Neighbiz platform for free - let's get South Africa working!

Smartphones are not always affordable and being unable to list on the internet often denies talented artisans opportunities whih are out there, in cyber-space. Our SMS button makes it dead easy to contact people who have skills but scant means of communication - Oh - have doubts? Ask a neighbour here

Got it?

Make it!

Sell it!

This is Edward - he sells art! Mike is a welder

You could find him in the corner of William Nicol and Republic, most days. with a Neighbucks eWallet Edward can sell online. He needs a bank card - and talent. (Terms apply)

Want to know about our Cyber-Franchising!

207 "APP-ortunities" to get on board. Yeah. We know - weak!
In partnership with ABSA BANK

We offer opportunities for some 207 franchisees.

Franchisees in buoyant areas – areas with many businesses – might well realize a return on their original investment within the first year. Smaller communities eager to reach a wider market can also be an ideal Cyber-Franchise.
GPS is the key: Everything about Neighbiz is centered on what is and what is not local, although they are not mutually exclusive. The Sales territory or NODE is contained by a geo-fence, a polygon of latitudinal and longitudinal points – within that invisible boundary, any PGC (Poppalloon) generated by a business or entity would earn revenue for the franchisee.

The peeps just pop! It's free and it's fun!